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Feb 12, 2007 at 03:05 PM

How the Connector works inside ?



now I got a sample with a BAPIRET2 table and it is working, but I have a general question to integer types. I saw that the field "ROW" is an ..._INT (INT4) and has a 4 byte length exactly how the byte store in memory. The ABAP dictionary says a length of 10. Think I'm right, that this length is only for the display ? A next point is that the offset can't be direct calulated as offset + length = offset of next field ?! in case of the field "ROW" there are 2 undefined ? bytes after the "PARAMETER" field. "PARAMETER" starts at 470 with a length of 32, so I was thinking "ROW" has an offset of 502, but in the working code I got 504 ! Why ? Will be the integer aligned to a 4byte range ? Or why there are 2 additional bytes before the "ROW" field ?