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How to give to billing documents a class ?

Hello experts !

Please i need to calculate the size of documents by using SDOK_PHIOS_FILE_PROPERTIES_GET ( can't use the other FM that need to have a path ) but te prroblem is that i need to give it the id documents ( that i have ) and the class ( that i don't have ) so i was wounderin if i can give my documents type a specific class.

Ps : my documents are bills ( vbrk )

Thanks in advance

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  • Not able to understand the question. Size of what documents? What class? Sorry but I don't see how any of this could be related to the billing documents.

    If this is an ABAP question then it needs to be tagged with ABAP. But the question is not clear either way.

  • Thank you so much for answering !

    I have stored bills documents in a content server that are displayed after using an ALV ! what i need to do is to calculate the size of these documents so i tried to use the fuction module SDOK_PHIOS_FILE_PROPERTIES_GET that needs id of documents and something called class of documents as entries to return. The problem here is that i have the id of documents but i don't have the class and when i looked i found a few types of classes but i don't know which one of them should be given or link to bills documents.

    Thank you again !

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