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Growing of PSAPSR3 only on BW PRD System

May 16, 2017 at 02:18 PM


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Dear all,

I'm facing an abnormal growth of PSAPSR3 tablespace ONLY on our BW PRD system. That tablespace have been extended about 60 times until we find a solution.

DB02-->Segments-->Overview-->Top Growth shows the following information:

SAPSR3/BIC/B0000818000/BIC/B00008180000000000223TABLE PARTITIONPSAPSR33.584,0003.584,000 SAPSR3/BIC/B0000818000/BIC/B00008180000000000226TABLE PARTITIONPSAPSR33.584,0003.584,000 SAPSR3/BIC/B0000818000/BIC/B00008180000000000227TABLE PARTITIONPSAPSR33.584,0003.584,000

Our BW team have not found any chain or extraction process that could generate that growth.

Please let us know your insights about this issue.

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John Hawk May 16, 2017 at 06:18 PM

Hi David,

Use SE11 to identify the DataSource from the Table description of PSA table /BIC/B0000818000.

Once the DataSource is found, use the where used function on the related InfoPackages to identify the process chains which are generating the entries.

Let us know the final result.

John Hawk

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Former Member

Dear John,

I found the DataSource name by using the DD02T table. It is a "Z" Leading Ledger DataSource so I went to the process chain that contains it and then performed the PSA housekeeping activities.

Thank you!