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Feb 12, 2007 at 05:15 AM



hi experts,

i was doing the exercise of unit 4 of the book BIT600 (SAP Webflows-concepts, inboxes, reporting and using standard templates) and faced the following problem:

with the id given to me to login to SAP system, first with TCODE PPOC i created the organisational plan according to unit 3 exercise( Created org unit "ENTERPRISE GROUP-01", Further created its 3 org unit viz "Finance department 01", "Sales department 01" and "Development department 01". For org unit "Finance department 01", created position "FI manager 01" and "Accounts payable Accountant 01" and assigned user "MANAGER-01" and "TEAM-01" to these positions respectively.)

in unit 4 Its written to use two logins : one of manager (USER ID:- MANAGER-01) and the other of employee(USER ID:- TEAM-01).

so first i checked whether this exists or not. with the id given to me to login to SAP system, i went to TCODE SU01 and found them. there i only assigned passwords to them.

then i logged into the id( TEAM -01). i filled the form of notification of absence (TCODE SWXF) and saved it.

then i logged into the id( MANAGER -01). i checked the inbox (workplace folder) but i didnot find any documents there.

where did i go wrong?

plz help.