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Feb 12, 2007 at 04:51 AM

SAPInst myCRM 2005 SR2 release-> "Import Java Dump" hung



I am trying to installs the CRM SR2 IDES, as a standalone installation in the following machine..

-> Windows Server 2003

-> Oracle 10.2

-> 4GB RAM

-> 300 GB Hard Drive

--> Java version 1.4.2_10

I am in step "Import Java Dump( Phase 21 of total 47) and it doesn't seem to have moved at all for almost 12 hrs now

The last step as mentioned in the SAPINST log ( File --> View Log) is the following

Execution of the command "C:/J2SDK1.4.2_10\bin\java.ext- class path ..........."

when looking at the SAPinst LOG, the last update(the above) was almost 12 hrs ago. However there no error anywhere and I see in the Windoes task manager that the java.exe is running with considerable memory usage.

Has anyone experience the same issue. Please help. Not sure whether to stop the installation and redo the whole again or wait to see.. In one of the similar thread I read that it might be due to Java version 1.4.2_10 and the sugesstion was to use 1.4.2_10 . Some other also had success with 1.4.2_11 version.