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Feb 11, 2007 at 02:58 PM

Development Landscape ..or.. Version Control with Subversion


We have recently purchased xMII, and are starting to plan our deployment of it. One issue we are struggling with is how to lay our our development landscape. Our current thinking is as follows....

1) Each developer will have a separate IIS/xMII server (either on a Virtual Machine, or on a desktop).

2) The xMII template libraries and HTML libraries will be managed with a 3rd party product (the current preferred product at this site is 'Subversion').[/code]

3) Developers will 'refresh' their development environments by 'checking out' the appropriate xMII libraries from Subversion.

4) Formal software releases to QA will be done by copying the appropriate Template/HTML libraries from Subversion, which will then be used to re-populate the corresponding libraries in QA.

5) Formal software releases to Production will be done by cloning QA into the production space.

Is this a reasonable approach? Does anyone have a better idea? Is there something I am missing that will cause problems later?

Thanks so much for your feedback!