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Feb 11, 2007 at 03:05 PM

Tracking history while loading from flat file


Dear Experts

I have a scenario where in have to load data from flat file in regular intervals and also want to track the changes made to the data.

the data will be like this and it keep on changes and the key is P1,A1,C1.

DAY 1---P1,A1,C1,100,120,100

DAY 2-- P1,A1,C1,125,123,190

DAY 3-- P1, A1, C1, 134,111,135

DAY 4-- P1,A1,C1,888,234,129

I am planing to load data into an ODS and then to infocube for reporting what will be the result and how to track history like if i want to see what was the data on Day1 and also current data for P1,A1,C1.

Just to mention as i am loading from flat file i am not mapping RECORDMODE in ODS from flat file..

Thanks and regards


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