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Feb 09, 2007 at 07:58 PM

JCO.createclient with connection string


Hi folks,

within sap landscapes a connection string can be used to logon to sap systems. The SAP Javagui use such a term to specify the way to sap systems.

An example term for a connection string connecting to an application server behind 2 saprouters is:



1st router -
><-- 2nd router -

><------ app_server -


The second term can be used to connect to a message server and specified logon group (load balancing):



1st router -
><-- 2nd router -


msg server -

><- logon group->

Now my question:

Is it possible to use complex connection strings (with router and logon groups) with JCO.Client (method createclient)?

I've tried the createclient method with URL parameter and got an Exception "no protocol".

Thanx for Help!