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Feb 09, 2007 at 01:28 PM

Problem after Performing Leaving action related to OM



Hi this is the first time i am working in a an SAP HR environment where all most all components like OM,PA,Payroll,Time,PD etc is implemented in <b>4.6 Version.</b>

I had seen in the production server that after performing the Leaving action of the employee his/her Postion will change to 999999(Default postion) when we view InfoType 0001 0r 0000.

But in case of 1 employee it did not change to 999999 after leaving action was performed.It still shows the Position what he held when he was Active.

<b>Qn 1</b>.In the above case which is right?

<b>Qn.2</b> what should ideally happen in Standard SAP system in such case.

<b>Q3.</b> Can we change that postion to 99999 (default) of an employee whose status in Withdrawn?

<b>Qn.4</b>. Anyoption other than rehiring and terminating him to sove this?(is this option itself is right practise?)

<b>TIP: I dont know if the end user properly followed the steps in doing the Leaving Action</b>