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Creating Graphical Calculation Views in SAP MultiTenant Database

We are currently migrating our HANA single instances to a multi-tenant landscape. I have managed to execute cross-database query and select information from other tenant tables but when it comes to activating views that use other tenant tables as data sources, the views won't activate because of lack of privileges (User is not authorized)

The only documentation I've found on SAP regarding this issue is:

For activating graphical calculation views with remote data sources, the _SYS_REPO in the local data base needs to be a remote identity of (mapped to) a user in the remote data base that has the privileges for the remote tables. The database does not allow the administrator to add a remote identity to SYS_REPO in any tenant. Instead, the administrator should create a dedicated user (for example, REPO_DB1_DB2), which you can use exclusively for privileges in the remote database. This user only needs the privileges for tables that are used as remote data sources and does need privileges for all the tables in the remote DB that are used in calculation views.

I've followed this steps creating a user in the database with the source tables, with remote identity to _SYS_REPO on the tenant I am trying to activate the view but it still doesn't activate.

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1 Answer

  • May 18, 2017 at 11:30 PM

    Hi Richard,

    I faced same issue and have exactly the answer but have some hints to you try.

    you probably already did the impersonation of one user on remote tenant will be used:

    alter user <local_tenant_user> add remote identity <remote_tenant_user> at system <remote_tenant>;

    also the normal grant's to _sys_repo:

    grant select on schema <local_tenant_schema> to _sys_repo with grant option;

    One grant that I also used is:

    grant create any on schema <local_tenant_schema> to _sys_repo with grant option;

    I don't have a tenant system in hands but I used the alter user mixing _sys_repo on local and remote also, but some not worked... Due to this I don't have the perfect answer for you.

    Give a try and provide feedback what worked.

    Regards, Fernando Da Rós

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