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Feb 09, 2007 at 11:27 AM

ALV check on cell values


Hi all,

I'm looking to a more consistent way to check a cell value within ALV grid (with objects),

As far as today I've used an immediate check with handle data changed method

on class lcl_event_receiver,

Issue is:

check work for real just the first time, then if I make something else on other cell check and error message on previous imput error (with display protocol method) get completely lost,

I realy can't help having the error message always stuck till the user makes proper corrections,

I would like having the blocking message popping out if user try doing anything else, just as happening when a field is checked by a control table,

(but in this case a can't use a control table since I have to make some other round

to check may values)

Does anyone know how to make it? or just have some good example?

ps. note I also took care of setting the proper methods after dipalying the ALVgrid

( I mean: register_edit_event with evt_enter, evt_modified...etc )

Thank you,

Kr Sergio,