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Feb 09, 2007 at 11:31 AM

Change password programatically in other client


I'm working in security. We're trying to analyze the feasibility of programmatically changing the password (as well as lock/unlock) a user across various clients within the same system. The aim is to build an administrative and monitoring application for handling users in the default clients (000 and 066) as well as locking / modifying any "irregular" users in these systems. Thus, we want to develop this in all standard clients (we have 100+ systems) and preferably call standard functions. Setting up RFC destinations to clients 000 and 066 is, for security reasons, not an option.

Looking at the various functions/BAPIS (such as BAPI_USER_CHANGE), it seems to be an insurmountable task to copy these and equip them with MANDT as parameter... simply won't work, because they invariably call dozens of other functions, which would have to be similarly changed etc. etc.

The question is thus: are there any hitherto unknown ways of functionnally managing users across clients within the same system, without resorting to RFC technology? OK, we can modify contents of USR02 programmatically by specifying MANDT = '000', but this seems a bit, shall we say, rudimentary... 😉

thanx in advance!