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Former Member
Feb 09, 2007 at 06:50 AM

how to create a enhancement in a enhancement area in MBO module


Hi experts,

Can i create an enhancement under any enhancement Area in oohap_basic transaction.

because when i am trying to do so it is saying me that there is no such entry in the check table T77HAP_FLT_EXI but i don't find any view or any means to maintain data in this check table.

The requirement is when we run phap_catalop_pa transaction to create template

under the layout tab we have additional data field and its drop down contains only one entry Personnel Header Data as there is only one entry under AY enhancement area ( Additional Header Data ), can we have multiple entries here Personnel Header Data 1, Personnel Header Data 2, Personnel Header Data 3........

I know its stupid to ask this but in oohap_basis transaction it give 'NEW ENTRIES' Button hence there should be some way of doing this.

plz help.