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Tax calculation in MIRO after up-gradation .

May 16, 2017 at 03:31 AM


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Hello Knowledge ,

we had a patch update --found a new behavior where are all the TX Applications amount is calculating incorrectly .


GR for 10 quantities

Per piece amount =274.93

VAT --JVRD earlier calculations . VAT --JVRD Present calculations

Base amount = 2749.3------------- -------------Base amount = 2749.33

ED = 343.66 --------------------------------------------------- ED = 343.66

Total = 3092.96 ---------------------------------------------Total = 3092.96

VAT = 129.90---------------------------- -------------------- VAT = 144.33

(3092.96*4.2%=129.90) ----------------------------------(3092.96+343.66*4.2%=144.33)

Total Value = 3222.86 (Correct) --------------------------Total Value = 3237.29(Wrong)

Checking done :

Checked for calculation type ,routines in OBYZ nothing is assigned .

FTXP = 4.2% assigned only for JVRD Condition with accounting key JP5

While doing MIRO getting the following error

Tax entered incorrect (code M3, amount 676.49), correct 488.00 INR

Wrong calculation = 343.66+144.33 =488

Message no. FF707

please share the knowledge on this .

tax-1.jpg (75.5 kB)
tax3.jpg (36.7 kB)
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Dear Murlli,

Please check the calucalation of VAT condition and is there any ABAP code has been added in pricing procedure



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3 Answers

Jürgen L
May 16, 2017 at 05:25 AM

from where to where did you upgrade

If you can tie the situation to the upgrade then a message to SAP Support would eventually be the best step forward.

Which situations can you have caused a problem after an upgrade?

SAP delivered a new logic - then there must be OSS notes explaining this

SAP delivered wrong coding - then you should open an incident at SAP after you searched for already known bugs in OSS notes

Your own influencing coding was destroyed in an upgrade because someone did the wrong decision in the SPAU.

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Former Member

Hello Jurgen ,

for the current situation , i tried changing ---with the Default Condition Types .

TAXINN----JMOP---BED SET OFF Condition Percentage to TOTAL

Now system is calculating the correct Taxes , screen shot for the same .

But encountered a problem while doing PO .

Need to check with defaults types .

Is their any standard defaults setting for defaults types ?

Thanks .

default.jpg (21.0 kB)
default1.jpg (29.6 kB)
default-3.jpg (73.3 kB)
default-5.jpg (42.4 kB)
Jürgen L
May 16, 2017 at 09:04 AM

IF this problem is related to the upgrade and it worked well before then you should not change your customizing, then you should open a call at SAP Support.

IF this never worked before then make clear that this questions has nothing to do with the upgrade, you are otherwise distract the readers from the real problem

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Mukthar Ali Ahamed N May 16, 2017 at 05:59 AM

Hi Murali,

Check the from and to for the VAT condition in the tax procedure in OBQ3. Here you have selected the step which includes basic+excise, due to this it is calculating on it. If you change it as base step, then it will calculate correctly.



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Former Member

Hello Ali,

Checked with steps , its find . steps are correct .