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Feb 08, 2007 at 05:32 PM

Looking for .NET - Samples



can anyone give me an URL where I can find the Samples shipped .NET-Connector V 2.0. I'm not able in the moment to install the .NET-Connector-Wizard in case I work with VS 2005 and can't install the VS 2003. I could only install the Runtime of SAP-Connector and it works for me with Simple Types and Structures.

I need working samples for :

- a SAP-Proxy which calls a function that returns a table,

- a SAP-Server that provides functions for RFC-calls from SAP.

If you can, than please provide the sample(s) in VB.NET but C#.NET will also be OK for me.

If someone needs code to work as a client with SAP and return Structures or Simple Types can ask me here or by mail. I have such code available for VS 2005 VB.NET.