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Former Member
Feb 08, 2007 at 05:09 PM

Using RHMOVE30 Questions


RHMOVE30 is used to create manual transport of OM/PD data. We used this in the past (2-3 years ago) and I can't remember a few things from it if someone could verify/clarify for me...

1) When you use RHMOVE30 and specify let say "Object Type: C" w/o specifying evaluation path, it will ONLY transport out the object type "C" and no other infotypes associated with it?

2) Is the use of RHMOVE30 solely for the purpose of transporting objects from one client to another, we will have to load the infotypes of it manually?

3) I know there is a threshold on the number record could be in a transport before it starts to lag and timeout. Anyone recall the max or rule of thumb on it?