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Former Member
Feb 08, 2007 at 05:03 PM

DTP Vs Update Rules Error!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Hi guys,

I have a scenerio , where I need to have data from 2 DSOs in to one combined DSO. Lets Says the 2 DSOs as DSO A and DSO B. and the Third as DSO C.

I want to get DSO C Structure as exactly as DSO A. and DSO B structure is only few fiew fields from DSO A (Key Fields are same). I have loaded the data in to DSO A and DSO B using Transformation and DTP . Now How to load DSO C data I mean combined data of DSO A and B.

1.If I create update Rules to DSO C using DSO A and DSO B. Iam not getting any data in to DSO C. (Do I need to make any settings in DSOs to update the data of A and B in to C ?).

2.If I create 2 transformations between DSO A -C and DSO B-C. I am sure I need to create DTPs to get the corresponding data. When I do that Iam getting 2 separate sets of data for DSO C. But I need data as one set from DSO A & B in to C.

Please help me ASAP and let me know if you need more information on it.

Thanks in advance