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Feb 08, 2007 at 12:36 PM

smartforms: set double sided printing AND tray selection


Hi all,

In smartforms i want to:

1. print the entire document Double Sided

2. print teh document out of a specific tray.

What i've tried:

to achive doublesided printing:

I have a main window in 2 pages.

the first page has printmode D (double sided) and NEXTPAGE = page2

the second page has print mode SPACE (Default) and NEXTPAGE = page1

to achieve tray selection:

I added a COMMAND in the main window that sets a print control to select the tray.

This Command has the condition 'ONLY ON FIRST PAGE' set.

The result is this:

the correct tray is selected, but the printing starts on the backside of the paper and the continues on the front side. It's almost like the paper is upside down inside the printertray (it's not, ive checked!..twice! 😉 ).

Is there a solution to this?

also, is there a more easy way to print double sided?

If i use just one page, its not printing anything, or with some other setting sit is printing on th ebackside of 2 pages .

Thank you

Joris Bots