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Feb 08, 2007 at 12:01 PM

BEx Broadcaster


Hi Experts,

I am using BW 3.5 Development access. I created a query in BEx analyzer. I cant able to open this query in Bex Broadcaster in Query Designer and i cant able to choose distribute the workbook. When i select this options new window browser opens with requested url couldnot be retrieved.

I went to RSRT transaction its given me Query monitor support package XVII, there i selected the query from favourites and query display as BEx Analyzer and executed the query. Its giving me another window with BEx Ad-hoc Analysic with Data Analysis, Graphical display, information, Information Broadcasting.

There i selected information Broadcasting and inserted the suitable inputs(?). when i select the execute its showing me some errors like

There is no email address for User.

Error occurred during processing of framework class CL_RSRD_DISTRIBUTOR_MAIL, type DIST

Variable fiscal year variable has been used outside the reusable components

Variable most current data has been used outside the reusable components.

Please guide me from the Information Broadcasting. How to navigate.

I want to schedule the precalculated query in daily basis how can i send to other user ( I given other user e-mail id he didnt receive the query mail).

I appreciate anybody help me to solve this problem.

Thank u