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Feb 08, 2007 at 10:43 AM

Create PDF with CONVERT_OTF in Unicode system



I try to create a PDF file from OTF input with function module CONVERT_OTF.

It worked in a non-unicode environment with problems.

If I use the same coding in a unicode system (6.0) and OTF input

contains real doublebyte unicode characters like arabian/greek characters,

the PDF file shows wrong characters like "ÔÑÙàÜÐÕÞÙ Ôâé" instead of

"רבדל הצור %לועה" or "ЉЊЋЌЎЏАБВГόψχΩΨΧ".

I enable the developer trace for CONVERT_OTF, but the trace also

shows the correct unicode characters.

If I create a PDF file with PDF Creater with the same input on my computer,

PDF file looks fine. SAP PDF file uses Font enconding 'Windows', PDF Creator

uses a 'Custom' font encoding.

Any idea, that's going wrong here?

I install TrueType fonts like described in SAP note 999712 with no success,

but this note refers to SAP_BASIS 011, which is not yet available on SAP Marketplace

(latest is 010 today).

Is there any other configuration to enable PDF unicode support?

Print preview from other SAP transactions looks fine with unicode characters.

thanks for help