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Feb 08, 2007 at 10:16 AM

Unicode conversion problems - Cluster RFBLG


Performing a unicode conversion on a ERP2005 system SAP BASIS 7.00 kernel 83.

During the export using R3load we are getting errors -

export_monitor.log says-

"ERROR: 2007-02-07 11:27:50 run

Unloading of 'SAPCLUST' export package is interrupted with R3load error.

Process 'F:\usr\sap\BP1\SYS\exe\nuc\NTAMD64\R3load.exe -e SAPCLUST.cmd -datacodepage 4103 -l SAPCLUST.log -stop_on_error' exited with return code 2.

For mode details see 'SAPCLUST.log' file.

Standard error output:

sapparam: sapargv( argc, argv) has not been called.

sapparam(1c): No Profile used.

sapparam: SAPSYSTEMNAME neither in Profile nor in Commandline"

Then the SAPCLUS.log file-

"myCluster (63.13.Exp): 5681: decompression of cluster item failed.

myCluster (63.13.Exp): 5682: end of stream not reached.

myCluster (63.13.Exp): 3631: received return code 2 from decompression routine.

myCluster (63.13.Exp): 2771: failed to unpack cluster item.

myCluster: RFBLG *999**4000**1400002512**2002*

myCluster (63.13.Exp): 320: error during conversion of cluster item.

myCluster (63.13.Exp): 323: affected physical table is RFBLG.

(CNV) ERROR: code page conversion failed

rc = 2"

Then the conversion export fails. All pre rec's have been performed without problems.

Any idea's? Please!!