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Third Party Encryption to PI to SAP AL11 Decrypted file

May 15, 2017 at 12:33 PM


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1.What are the inputs required from Third party in Encryption Scenario?

2.What are the keys required from Third Party and What keys needs to be given by basis to third party?In PI where do these keys present and how to generate these keys?

3.Role of pi in this activity.

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Patrick Weber May 15, 2017 at 01:08 PM

Just to make sure I understood your scenario correctly: A third party is sending you an encrypted file (via some protocol supported by PI) and you want to create an integration scenario that receives the file, decrypts it and stores the result in the file system?

If the encryption mechanism is PGP, I can refer you to this blog article, which nicely describes the configuration that needs to be done.

Your external partner will need to provide you their public key (only if you want to verify their signature). You will need to provide your public key to the third party so they can use it to encrypt your file.

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From we generate the public key in SAP PI.what is the process any separate tools are required..please share any document on this or blog on this?


If PGP is installed on your system, you can generate key pairs from the command line. There are literally thousands of tutorials out there describing how to do this. Just search for "PGP generate keypair <your operating system>"

You can either store them in the default location of the PI file system or use the secure keystore as described here.