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Feb 07, 2007 at 09:19 PM

File System Repository Issue


Hello All-

I'm having a puzzling time trying to set up a file repository. My portal (EP6, SP14) is sitting on Unix box. I am attempting to connect to a NAS as a windows share. I've added the windowsKM system in system landscape and I've added the corresponding KM landscape. I then added an network path pointed to
<IP>\Share, set jCIFS and used Domain/User as my password. I've then set up my repository, making sure the localroot matches the network path. To minimize variables, I'm just using ACLManager, not Windows ACL, to keep things simple.

I believe I've followed all the steps as specified in the manual. But no luck. I keep getting the following types of errors. Either "Startup Error: The localroot does not exist: /usr/sap/EPD/JC02/j2ee/cluster/server0/\portshare" or "getting mapped math - Canonical path not available for portshare." (I'm getting that when I use the UNC).

Does anyone recognize these errors and can point me to where I'm going wrong? I've dug through the logs and message board and I can't find anything obvious.

Plenty of points awarded for any and all helpful answers!


Jim Orbin