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Feb 07, 2007 at 05:14 PM

RDA Issue - Urgent



When Daemon was running, System was down ( without our knowledge) and up after some time. May be because of this, my request in the DSO got Red .. Then I tried to delete the Red request .But at any cost it was not allowing me to delete it.

Then I deleted the RDA infopackage and deleted the Daemon..

1) can you tell me how to delete that request

Now when I am going to RSRDA it is showing the following dump.

2)Can anyone help me


Date and Time 02/07/2007 12:10:23

Short text

The running application consciously caused an abort with short dump.

What happened?

An abnormal situation was detected in the running application program.

Therefore, a termination with short dump was consciously triggered using

the language element MESSAGE (type X).

Error analysis

Short text of the error message:

"RDA-Statustabelle konnte nicht gelesen werden."


19 SELECT * FROM rscrt_rda_req INTO TABLE l_t_req.

20 IF sy-subrc NE 0.

21 cl_rscrt_rda_tools=>dequeue_req( ).

>>>>> MESSAGE 'RDA-Statustabelle konnte nicht gelesen werden.'(010) TYPE 'X'.


24 cl_rscrt_rda_tools=>dequeue_req( ).

25 ***** Check the DTPs in the RSCRT_RDA_REQ. ****************************

26 DATA l_s_req TYPE rscrt_rda_req.

27 DATA l_dtpnm TYPE rsbkdtpnm.

THanks in advacne