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Feb 07, 2007 at 04:50 PM

Report is not able to distinguish debits and credits accurately


Hello Gurus,

I am generating a report to display revenues for asserts. Revenue is coming as 0AMOUNT to ODS and then to cube (0AMOUNT contains debits or credits).

In ODS update rules 0AMOUNT is mapped to 0AMOUNT.

In Cube update rules ZREV is a custom info object is mapped to 0AMOUNT

All the figures getting into data target are correct but the final result of report is wrong:


Record Assert Revenue

1 10 70

2 10 30

In the first record Revenue is Credit so +70

in second record Revenue is Debit so -30

My result should be 40 but I am getting 100.

(I have debit/credit indicator set in ODS which can distinguish these credits and debits)

Please help me out.