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Goods movement status shows as Being processed after billing document created in sap

May 15, 2017 at 09:12 AM


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find below steps followed.

01 User has created regular Sales order.
02 Production order has been created for the same.
03 Consumption on Production order confirmed.
04 creating delivery & PGI done.
05 Created Billing document.
Status of delivery got changed to "Being Processed" for some of Lines and others shows "Complete". Eventhough full Qty has been shipped.
06 Cancel Billing document after making changes to VBUP & VBAK tables
again Status of delivery got changed to "Beging Processed" and some RM lines shows as "Complete"

i have checked with the Threads available on but could not found exact solution. your guidance & Help is appreciated.

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1 Answer

G Lakshmipathi
May 15, 2017 at 09:17 AM

Since you have not explained what is your item category configuration or copy control configuration nor shared the screen shot, it will be very difficult to give suggestion. Also not sure, what you have searched and what you have not got it. If you follow standard process, the control is with item category configuration and copy control configurations.

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Thank You G Lakshmipathi.

I am new as consultant.

I will be glad if you guide for details which required to solve query step by step.

All Item Category is "Z". find attached Sales order screen shots.

copy control of Sales order to Delivery / Delivery to Billing, which one to described.

Sales order Item Category, Document flow & Delivery status screen shot has been attached.


Please search Google to find out answers to your query. You should be clear that SCN is not a tutorial to provide step by step process but only can guide you where the root cause of the issue is. If you are not familiar with this, please discuss with your seniors


I do agree with what you have mentioned for SCN.

let me clarify that, I have mentioned about search in Google.

Secondly I have provided the information in form of Screen shots which you can analyze and provide other options to be verified.

SCN purpose is not tutorial but to solve the query. I have not asked you to teach me, but to help on query. step by step information asked about what details you required to analyze the query and provide other options.