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Material stock determination during purchase requisition

May 15, 2017 at 08:52 AM


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How to configure Material stock determination during purchase requisition creation?

I would like to give a warning or error for available stock material procurement.

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2 Answers

Jürgen L
May 15, 2017 at 02:34 PM

Can you use some more words to explain the business case and your goal? I can read and understand the words but unfortunately not the sentence and how stock determination corresponds to purchase requisition creation.

maybe you just took wrong words, here is the explanation for stock determination

You see, its all about goods issues.

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For example,

10 kgs of coffee having stock in stores and I am not aware of the stock.

I require 10 kgs of coffee and I made purchase requisition.

Here extra inventory happing, for this I would like to put some warning message that the stock of coffee available in store while creating purchase requisition

Jürgen L
May 15, 2017 at 07:03 PM

if you want a warning message then you have to program it yourself in a BAdI or exit.

However, this would also mean that you more or less have to replicate what the MRP run does to give this some sense, otherwise such message, if wrong or meaningless, will soon be very annoying to the users.

Just looking at the current stock level may not really be good at all. What if your vendor needs 20 days to deliver you? Don't you drink any coffee in that time? If the user doesn't create the PR just because today you have enough stock then you may run out of stock until someone else thinks about reentering the requisition. You would need to consider future demand which is eventually already entered, or check reorder points.

If you track inventory then the best use of SAP is to maintain the right planning parameters in your material, to record the goods issue right on time and to run MRP to get the requisitions. No extra effort or even ABAP programming needed.

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Coffee is just an example.

What if required bearings 10 no's in a year and having stock in stores and I am not aware of that.

I made requisition for 10 no's. (in manufacturing industry more than 10 departments and each department more than 10 sap user . Due to human error every body made indent for stock available materials. Even purchasing guy haven't check the stock and procured material )

My intention is just aware of the user: there is stock please check the stock and make indents .

I don't want stop making purchase requisitions and I don't want put error message, just warming.



In the above case you need to have Real-time visibility about stock inventory.How diversified your landscape is? which all legacy or other SAP connected box do you have which does stock related posting? you need to consider un-processed sales as well .If you have a simpler landscape and you want to consider only ECC box stock figures,then finally as Jurgen suggested,you might need to write custom code in suitable Badi/Exit to do this calcualtion of available unrestricted stock on hand and thereafter issue warning message.