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Inspection type 15

May 15, 2017 at 05:10 AM


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Dear Expert,

For Inspection type 15 lot

1. Is it mandatory that sampling procedure in required for all MIC?

2. If we required any qualitative MIC how this can be added to inspection plan for inspection type 15



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Craig S
May 15, 2017 at 01:17 PM

1) no. A sampling procedure is not required for every MIC. But it depends in the control settings of each MIC. Also, without a sampling procedure, automatic valuation is not possible.

2) You add a qualitative MIC to the inspection plan just like you would any other inspection plan. What's your issue?


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Former Member

Hi Craig,

I am working on Inspection type 15, as per my understanding this inspection type is required inspection point and sampling procedure.

So I created a task list with inspection point (200), now if I assigned any Qualitative MIC in inspection plan the lot status become CRTD and any quantitative MIC without sampling procedure also giving CRTD status for Lot.

Any help on this ...

Abu Fathima


1) I went back to check on this. In QM plant customizing we have default sampling procedure defined so if a MIC is assigned without a sampling procedure in sample management, the calculation can still be done. So we don't need to have the sampling procedure assgined in the MIC. So yes, you are correct, a sampling procedure is required for each MIC. Either in the mic or in customizing.

2) I'm not sure why you have issues with the qualitative MIC. i have no problems assigning a qualititiave MIC to the the inspection plan and creating an inspection lot. Almost all our MIC's are qualitative MICs