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Feb 07, 2007 at 04:44 AM

Key Figure structure getting dropped on refresh of a workbook


Hi BI Gurus,

We have a workbook having 3 tabs: 1 table, 2 chart, 3 summary on the table with a pivot table for the chart. A macro is used to create the summary on the table and pivot table and chart. The data provider is a Bex Query.

In Dev, its working fine. On refresh, it is throwing a variable screen and after selecting a variable values, it is creating the right tables and chart.

In QA, workbook showing correctly. But when we try to refresh and select a variable, it creates the result table with no Key Figure Columns. Thus showing just grid and no chart. If we open the query in edit mode and execute it, the Key Figures columns reappear.

Looks like the Key Figure structure is missing.

The macro looks good in QA.

Can anybody explain the possible cause of the problem and suggest a solution? Is there a way to trace the missing Key Figures structure and transport them? Any help is appreciated.

We are on BI7.0 SP11, SAPGUI640 SP 21 addin patch 904.