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I would like to create a sales order (regular/return) by clicking an action box.

When I open my customization, with QCC0, choose the relevant notification type, for example Q1, and click the line under "activities" folder, I can see only options to choose Function key:

0010 (Log telephone call)

0130 (Send Mail)

- How can I add an option to open a sales order (VA01), in order to create an action box with this transaction?

- Can I open the sales order and send data from the notification when I use VA01, or only send data which is relevant for the initial screen?

- Another option that I would like to take into consideration is to create an action box for sales order creation with bapi, how can I connect the bapi to the function key, in order to create this action box.

- Do you have any reccomendation for a certain bapi, in order to do that? for regular sales order and for return sales order (for example, RE2 type)

- Does the sales order that will be created with the action box, will be in the document flow of the quality notification? or do I have to do something in order to connect it?

** I would like to do the same with creating purchase order, then if you have a reccomendation for bapi to create a return PO (NB2 type), I'll be glad to know.

Thanks a lot,


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  • Google -> "create sales order from quality notification" -> 7000+ hits, were none of the them helpful?

    Pretty sure this has been covered already on SCN, in SAP Help and in SAP Notes. There is even some documentation in SPRO for "Define action box", it links to a sample FM and everything.

    Do some research first, then ask more specific questions.

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