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Feb 06, 2007 at 06:19 PM

Fixed Assets: Incorrect Depreciation value posted after Legacy data Convers


Below is the Config data;

Date of Legacy Transfer /Last Closed Fiscal Year 01/31/2007

Specify Last Period posted in previous system (OAYC): 2007/1

Below is the Asset Data

Asset Values (AS91)

APC: 240

Capitalization date: 01/01/2006

Life of the Asset: 2 years

Ord. Depreciation Posted in Legacy System: 130

Asset Balance (calculated field): 110

When I run the Depreciation Run (AFAB), for the month of February, I see that the value posted is not 10 dollars, but more than 10 dollars. The system is <b>"Recalculating"</b> the Depreciation for January also, which is incorrect as last posted period in Legacy System is 2007/01

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