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Feb 06, 2007 at 04:38 PM

Homogeneous Copy Between x86 platform and x64 platform


Dear All,

we have doing a migration from and BW older system with x86 32 bits and W2000server/SQL2000server with BW 3.1C, so the target system is an AMD machine x64 64 bits wih Operating system 2003server/SQL2000server and BW 3.1C.

we have been talking with SAP OSS support and the conclusion is that this configuration is not supported for SAP for BW 3.1c SQL2000 and W2003server with x64.

Nevertheless we need to do this migration because after the migration we have to do an upgrade to BI 70/SQL2005 and W2003 in this machine

The problem here is the SAPinst for BW 3.1c is for x86-32bits and not for x64-64bits, so do you know some way of do that, I mean if we can use some sapinst diferent for do the installations, or if someone already did this migration before???

Best Regards and thanks very much