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May 13, 2017 at 10:37 AM

Trial SCP: failing to open tunnel "Unexpected exception occurred"



I use a script to open a tunnel to my trial account based on the command open-db-tunnel at the moment it is failing to make a connection. (I used the exact same script yesterday to open the tunnel without any problems)

The script is based on the following example

./ open-db-tunnel -a {TRIALID} -h -u {MYEMAIL} -i {SCHEMA}

1) All attempts end with the following message

Password for your user:

Opening tunnel... (!)

ERROR: Unexpected exception occurred

2) I know it is not password related as it still detects wrong credentials

Opening tunnel... (!)

ERROR; Wrong credentials. Enter correct user name and password. Note that your user will be locked after 5 consecutive wrong authentication attempts.

3) I updated to a later SDK "Java Web Tomcat 72.74.9" version

Still same unexpected error

Opening tunnel... (!)

ERROR: Unexpected exception occurred If you need help, provide the output of the command and attach the log directory [/Users/robert/Downloads/neo-java-web-sdk-2.74.9/tools/./log

The FATAL bit out of the log

2017-05-13 10:53:49,045 FATAL [main] (!) ERROR: Unexpected exception occurred Unexpected exception occurred at

*all lines from the end of that log attached to this question scptunnelconsole.txt - (although I have deleted the start of the log which contains my trial account details)

Searching this site then it may be an issue with the SCP trial service itself, but any suggestions as to trouble shoot or detect why I can't open the tunnel would be appreciated. Or can you open a tunnel to your trial account?