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FIORI-Add to Group not showing all groups?

May 13, 2017 at 03:23 AM


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Hello Experts,

Please see below - why I do not see all groups in App Finder?


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Kapil Changrani May 30, 2017 at 02:25 PM

Hi All,

After raising this issue with SAP Support, they have provided a new SAP Note 2478891 to resolve this issue.

If your UI patch is lower than what is mentioned in the SAP Note - you can see 100 groups in the Add to Groups, if your user has more groups - those groups are not shown.

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Krishna Kishor Kammaje
May 13, 2017 at 06:33 AM

Hi Kapil,

When you say "all groups" do you mean all Groups in the system?. They will not be shown.

Since this is a personalization concept, you will only see the Groups for which you have access. (assigned to you through Roles).

I also do not expect Groups, which are marked as 'Personalization not allowed" to be shown here.

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Hi Krishna,

I know that I have access to those groups, because if you see on the left side - I can see "P2P-Standard-Apps" - this group is way down in the list. However when you want to Add Tile to this group, this group is not shown under "Add to Groups" - it only shows limited number of groups not the full list.



What you have on the left-hand side (master list) are not Groups, rather they are Catalogs.

What comes in the pop-up are Groups.

Krishna Kishor Kammaje

Hello Krishna,

I think definitely there is a bug in the Add to Groups it does not scroll down all the way or there is some limitation on Groups that can be displayed.

See below I reduced my User Id to only have P2P-Standard-Apps role - now I can see that Catalogue in the Left-hand Side as well as Groups.

So I am pretty positive there is scrolling limitation of "Add to Groups" - if you have lot of groups - it shows only few groups.

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