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Feb 05, 2007 at 06:05 PM

Writing .NET to access SAP that runs OUTSIDE a portal


Wondering if anyone has had any experience writing application OUTSIDE of a portal environment that accesses SAP data.

Here is the scenario. I am writing an application in .NET that needs to accesses data in our SAP CRM environment as well as hook into the portal authentication / authorization. The data will be stored both in the standard data structures that comes with CRM as well as Z-Tables.

The thing is, the business really hasn't decided yet whether to run this application through the EP6 portal or as a stand alone web application. Ideally they want to defer this decision till later. As a result, I am trying to figure out a way to write the app so that it will work either way.

ie. initially run outside the portal and only bring up the login screen when a user clicks on a link from our public web site. Once authenticated through the portal the app would run on it's own outside of any kind of iView. 'Under the hood' it would connect to CRM using the credentials that it received during login.

Then once they decide (someday) to put this app in the portal it could be brough in as an iview and run there with little or no effort.

Quite a strange situation, but it comes about because of some of restrictions of running within the portal iViews.

I have been checking out the PDK V2.5 for the past week and so far it looks like this add-on requires the appilication to run within the portal. Correct?

Is there any way I can use the PDK to link into the portal authentication and authorization mechanism as well as CRM business objects WITHOUT running inside the portal environment? Is something like this even practical?

Many thanks for any ideas you might have.