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Feb 05, 2007 at 09:57 AM

VC WebService error "HelpMapIndex.xml was not found"



I've been speaking about this problem in another post, but maybe it's better to open a new one...

I've generated a Web Service system in my VC, but when I test it I get this exception:

"Portal Request Failed"

In vc.log I find this log:

VisualComposer Server: HelpMapIndex.xml was not found

But, testing this system in my Portal, it works fine.

Testing it in j2EE Engine page under "Web Services", it works fine too.

This Web Service return a list which I want to show in a Table. Here's the method:

public LinkedList listaFacturas(String texto){

LinkedList lista = new LinkedList();

lista.add("Factura 1");

lista.add("Factura 2");

lista.add("Factura 3");

return lista;


Any Idea?

Thanks a lot.