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Analysis for Excel insert Queries from different source systems


Once I select the "insert data source" for the first time, I connect to my BI Platform and select the BW OLAP connection.

Then whenever I click "insert data source" it's already connected to the BW system I selected earlier.

Is there any easy way of inserting another query from a different source system into an analysis workbook that already has a query inside?

The only way I found was to close Analysis completely, open the workbook, insert the datasource (now it asks for the source system again). I will then have two queries with different data sources in my workbookand I can also "Refresh All".

I'm on Analysis 2.4, BIP 4.1.



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2 Answers

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    May 31, 2017 at 10:01 AM

    Hi Moritz,

    I think that there is no option for several sources at a time if you are working with BO SSO Connection to BW. The source is connected to the session if choosen. The only option is to open a separate Excel which will result in a separate session. Then excel instance a is connected to session a and source a and excel instance b is connected to source b and session b.

    Also Logoff / Logon is not working in this constellation (you can choose the source only one time). If you close the Excel and reopen it then you have a new session and can again choose the source one time.

    There is an idea in idea place for getting a source dialog again after logoff but this seems to be difficult or SAP is not realy interested in it.

    Several sources at a time in an excel workbook is another approach. But this can make sense e.g .if HANA Live is used in combination with BW and data from both should be used at the same workbook without exposing the HANA Live data to BW. Up to now this is not possible in combination with sso as far as I know.



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    • Dear Torsten,

      thank you very much for your answer, it wraps the topic up well (despite the lack of features not being satisfactory ;-) ). Do you have the idea from idea place at hand? I couldn't find it after a quick search. Thanks again!

      Best regards


  • May 12, 2017 at 12:08 PM

    Have you tried this:

    Insert Data Source - scroll down to " select Data Source" and the select List View (arrow)

    Then I see local connections, etc.

    You can also select the Components tab, right click on the top, select "Use Data Source"

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