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Feb 03, 2007 at 09:27 AM EXception, Unsupported Key Size



We have ABAP instace and java instance on the same server. Installed SSL certificate in ABAP instance and we would like use the same key pair for JAVA instance. done the same thing in development without any problem. In QA environment we have stuck up with below error

<b>ID 21108:java.lang.securityException, Unsupported key size or Algorithm parameters.</b>

followed below procedure for exporting from ABAP stack

sapgenpse export_p12 -p SAPSSL.PSE f:\mynewpse.p12, it prompted for the passord two times and successfully exported.

while importing in j2EE engine by Keystore service, ssl_service--> clicked on load and selected the exported certifcate which is in p12 format, prompting the above stated error.

I have tried to read the exported certficate by using the below command

:\usr\sap\CPQ\SYS\exe\run>sapgenpse get_my_name -p f:\mynewpse.p12

its prompting below error

get_my_name: Couldn't open PSE "f:\mynewpse.p12"

ERROR in af_open: (4356/0x1104) PSEFile

ERROR in secsw_open: (4356/0x1104) PSEFile

ERROR in sec_parse_PSEInfo_cont: (4356/0x1104) PSEFile

ERROR in d_PSEFile: (18/0x0012) decoding error for : "PSEFile"

Please help me to solve this problem

Thanks and regards