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Time to consolidate forums?

If you look at list of all SDN forums you can observe that some forums sub-categories has very low traffic.

Actually, the existence of large amount of low-traffic forums doesn't bug me much (except the fact that I have to scroll 2 screens to get SDN Suggestions forum link 😉 -- but I do not understand

-- why we need separate forums in "Scripting Technologies"

-- why we can't merge Duet/Argo/Widgets forums

-- what is the need to have 3 forums on DB2 and one on Informix if all these are products from same vendor

-- are SAP on Windows and SAP on MS SQL are so different topics?

Also I'm very curious about divide between NetWeaver Forums, WebAS forum and ABAP topics.



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    Feb 02, 2007 at 02:08 PM

    Something we look at a lot (believe it or not) however in your example cases I'm afraid it just doesn't work.

    Argo, Duet and Widgets are completely different topics, yes the do in certain areas overlap but only because you can build a widget to work with Argo or integrate Argo into Duet in a manner of speaking.

    We need separate forums in Scripting Technologies for the same reason we need separate forums for Java and ABAP. They don't mix and people don't want to scroll through 50 topics to get to the one they want like you not wanting to scroll two pages to get here 😊

    Having installed many a system on many different platforms and databases all I can say is that I wished the forums had been there sooner.

    Now for NetWeaver - well NetWeaver is a platform and WebAS is a server and ABAP is a development language and you can't just combine them all together into one.

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    • Agreed it shouldn't be all about points, but it's an interesting concept to think about.

      Then again it's because of an essentially good points sytem that we have an unfortunate side effect of an increased level of noise and even a minority of downright bad advice posts coming through.

      As far as which forum to credit, I think it should simply be the forum that the reply came from that a points should be categorised under.

      e.g. a crosspost to BSP and ABAP. One answers whilst reading the ABAP forum. Any poitns awarded to that answer will belong under ABAP. Someone else answers in BSP (perhaps even in reply to the ABAP answer) - those points are categorised under BSP.

      It's not foolproof, but should work on averages as the most likely people to know the answer answer a question will most likely be reading the most approriate forum for the question.