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SAP Portal 7.5 - KM access to non-Portal Admins / End users to upload files (Portal Drive/WebDAV)

May 12, 2017 at 01:25 AM


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Hi KM/Portal Experts

I am not able to give access to KM for our end users to upload files/docs. What access/roles we need assign so that users can acess the folders and upload.

I can only copy files to documents folder at KM root folder. After that any other folders were accessable but can not delete or copy or move any folders/files.

Portal Drvie always give me Permission error.

  • What permissions I need to access non-root / non-documents folders?
  • What would be end useres need for accessing a particular folder?
  • KM Roles for End users.
  • Folder permissions to upload the documents.

FYI - I am trying through Portal Drive / webDav.

Thank you for your help.

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1 Answer

Rohit Singhal May 12, 2017 at 08:40 AM

Hi Kiran,

Have you checked what are the permissions set up for the folders/files you are not able to access in KM?

From your description, I gather that the folders in question grant you "Read" access only.

You would have to change access to "Full Control" / "Read/Write" / "Delete" based on your requirement.

Another point to note is that these permissions are inherited, hence after setting up the folder permissions, you can reset child permission which will allow the sub folders and files to inherit them.

Best Regards,


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Hi Rohit,

Thank you for your reply. I have removed all the permissions and I have added my ID and given Full Control.

Also, I did as you said to "Reset Child Permissions" and it got inherited for all the sub folders.

But still I am not able to change/delete/write any of the existing or new files in any of the folders.

Should we need to restart the Portal?

FYI - I am trying from Portal Drive / WebDav


Hi Kiran,

You don't need to restart Portal server for the KM permissions to come in effect.

Could you check if you are facing the same issue when accessing these folders from KM through Portal login (irj/portal).

Also please provide me a screenshot of the permissions that you have set up.

Best Regards,



Hi Rohit,

I found the issue. When I m using Portal Drive, even though my ID has Full Control, some how Portal Drive / WebDav is not using my ID to login or to perform any actions. Portal Drive and WebDav are using J2EE_GUEST.

If I give full control to "Everyone" group , I am able to upload files using Portal Drive or WebDav else I am not able to.

I have also checked the connection configuration in Portal Drive, I have my ID and it ask for my ID/PWD when I try to login but why it is using J2EE_GUEST for all the actions?

How can I force Portal Drive / WebDav to use my ID instead of J2EE_GUEST?