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Using SAP LT Tool to migrate historical data for a date range


We have recently used SAP LT Tool for physical separation of two company code data. Both these company codes have been logically separated in june 2015 but were residing in same client till feb, 2017. In feb 2017 we copied the client into new physical server and used LT Tool to curve out only one company code data.

Our client has raised a requirement now to get historical data from the older company code before logical separation (before june 2015 when there was only one company code).

The logical separation was done based on 5 plants means in parent company code there were 40 plants, 5 plants have been migrated to child company code, other 35 plants remained in the parent company code. We have curved out the child company code in new physical location. So basically physical server1 now holds parent company code data till june, 2015 (for 40 plants) + parent company code data (for 35 plants from july 15 to till date).

Physical server2 holds child company code data from june 2015 to till date.

My question is can we take the following approach for historical data migration for child company code plants..

1. Copy the client of physical server1 to a new client.

2. Run LT Tool based on date range (from 2005 to june 2015) and based on 5 plants of child company codes.

I am raising this question to you just because we analyzed the client's historical data migration is huge. There are many objects Like attachments of invoice/contracts which we simply cannot take into our NON SAP reporting tool.



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