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Gross weight and Net weight update in outbound delivery


I have a question regarding weight update in delivery. As per my understanding, while calculating net weight for each line item, system will multiply delivery quantity with weight from material master. Gross weight at header level is calculated by adding weight of all line items and HU weight.

Is this understanding correct or is the components weight in BOM also used to calculate net weight of each FG in delivery?


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  • Before responding, I would like to know what is your findings ? Did you test in your system ?

  • Hello Lakshmipathi,

    Let me explain you what I had tested.

    I created a outbound delivery with 3 materials A1, A2 and A3. Each one has BOM which included packing material.

    I checked net wt. of A2 and A3. It was calculated as qty of A2 and A3 multiplied by net wt in Basic data 1 in material master. BOM component wt was not included in calculating weight. I am clear with this.

    But when I checked the net wt of line item 1 (material A1) then it had wt 100KG. I checked the net wt in A1 material master and multiplied by delivery qty but it was more than 100. I checked the BOM of A1 and added all component wt and multiplied by qty and the result was more than 100.

    I am not able to understand how net wt is calculated from material master for A2 and A3 but for A1 I dont know from where the wight is coming. I am not clear whether BOM has any role in this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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