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SAP RAR - SD order to RAIs

May 11, 2017 at 10:53 PM


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Hello Gurus,

could you please help me to understand how a SD order is moving to RAIs classes tables (Fulfillment, Invoice Item or Order Item)

What is the procedure that I have to perform to use a SD integration component to create a RAIs from a SD order?


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2 Answers

Abhinay Gautam May 24, 2017 at 01:47 PM
Hi, You will need to configure RAR in order to move SD item into RAI classes and here are the key configuration steps in FI:
  1. Create, Activate and Generate RAI Classes – Here you define classes and generation will create interfaces, tables and indexes required to integrate RAR with SD
  2. Create Upload Rule – Here you specify the status of RAI item
  3. Define Sender Component-Here you specify the logical system(same if you have SD and RAR on same client) and source item types(Order item, fulfillment item and invoice item)
  4. Maintain BRF+ Application and Assign then to RAI Classes
  5. Configure Accounting Principles -Here you configure accounting principle specific settings which will be used to calculate Revenue
  6. Assign company codes to accounting principle – Here you configure the company codes applicable to create RAI
  7. Contract Categories – here you configure RAR contract categories
  8. Define POB types – here you configure what will be the nature of POB
  9. Configure Account Determination- Here you configure accounts to be used in postings from RAR

Some steps are under Sales and Distribution as well:

  1. Integrate with Revenue Accounting - This will enable Revenue Accounting Box in sales order line item billing tab
  2. Maintain RAI setting - Here you configure item categories applicable for RAI creation.

Apart from the above key configuration, you would also need to configure BRF+ decision tables to create RAR contract from RAI.

Hope this helps !!

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Hello Abhinay,

and thank you so much for the answer. I completed the step one and now I have my RAI classes. How can I continue whit steps 2 and 3? These steps are not clear for me...what are the transactions to create upload Rule and define the Sender Component? In my case the SD and RAR are on the same client.

Thank you again



check Revenue Accounting Configuration Node inside IMG ->Financial Accounting(New)->Revenue Accounting

and SD part must be available inside IMG->Sales & Distribution->Revenue Accounting and Reporting

You can find all previously mentioned steps under these config nodes...


ok I found them in SPRO and I configured the category.....but after that I do not understand what to do...

Do you have some SD order/contract as example that I can re-create on my environment as example? Especially the type of material (service and good) that I have to create.


giuliano gaudino Jun 12, 2017 at 10:36 PM

Thank you, the problem was in the configuration of Integration component. I do not configured the destination environment where to create RAIs.


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