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How to Enable Promotion Managent Rollback When After Delpoying Using LCM CLI

May 11, 2017 at 04:55 PM


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I have created a simple LCMBIAR through Promotion Management on a development server containing a single report. I then used the LCM CLI to deploy the LCMBIAR file to a test server. If I open the Promotion Management page on the test server I can see the job has run with success status and the if I check the report I can see it has been deployed.

If I select the job in Promotion Management in the test server and select the rollback button I get the job listed but the select box is disabled.

Deleting the job in the test server and repeating the deployment to the test server using Promotion Management rather than LCM CLI produces the same named job and when the rollback button is used the rollback panel shows the job but the select box is now enabled.

Is there anyway to get rollback through promotion management available if the LCM CLI is used ? The documentation states that rollback is only available through Promotion Management. It doesn't say that it is not available through Promotion Management if the LCM CLI is used to deploy the package.

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Denis Konovalov
May 11, 2017 at 05:53 PM

This is probably by Design. It would be a good idea to investigate this via support Incident under BI-BIP-LCM component.

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I agree it is more than likely by Design. If you cannot invoke rollback via the LCM CLI then it would be unlikely to support making a snapshot to allow rollback through any other mechanism. Thinking about it the wording in the documentation is not specific enough. The wording from the Admin documentation (section 15.7.3 under Promotion Management) says

"You can rollback the job only through the promotion management tool. There is no command line support to rollback the jobs."

This sort of implies the job created could be rolled back through the Promotion Management tool. I suppose what it should say is not only can you not invoke rollback via the command line but also you cannot rollback jobs deployed via the command line even through Promotion Management.

Shame really as we were looking for tidy way to deploy without needing to use Promotion Management (via things like Bladelogic). Our next thought is to provide two scripts, one backing up the objects before deployment and the second deploying the new objects. This allows us to revert changes. In fact exactly how we used to do it in BOXI V3.1.

Phuong Stecker Nov 19, 2017 at 10:44 AM

I ran an LCM_CLI job on a 4.2 SP4 environment, and even though on the command line it says "Promotion Management successfully ended," the job status in the CMC says "Faled." I noticed that 7GB of disk space was already used up, even though it failed. I thought a rollback would be needed to reclaim that space. (The option to Rollback is available for that job, however.) I clicked on the Failed status to try to open the job log, but it just sat there, and then eventually gave me a "This page can't be displayed" error. I couldn't get back into the CMC or BI Launch Pad so I restarted Tomcat and rebooted server (because Tomcat couldn't be started; it said another Tomcat process was already up...maybe due to load balancer design). Once services resumed, I no longer could see the previous jobs in the Promotion Management jobs history (well, at the time)! So I ended up kicking off the same LCM_CLI process again! Now, I'm wondering if not rolling back the 1st job would make things worse for the 2nd job; it's still running and disk space is getting low.

Has anyone successfully rolled back a failed LCM_CLI job and do you know if that should release temp disk space?

Thank you in advance.

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