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Printing Question


My company has recently migrated to a Globetek system. I'll start by saying I've not programmed any of this and our training was... lax... so if my question is a bit silly, bear with me.

When we export a report from Globetek, it opens in SAP Crystal Reports in a Chrome browser. When I go to print this report, which is something I'm being asked to do hundreds or thousands of times a day, I cannot simply Ctrl-P, as it tries to print a screenshot of the zoomed in first page of the report. I have to go up to the print button in SAP which allows me to export a PDF, which I can then print. This adds several keyboard strokes, but most devestatingly, the mouse click. It's very detrimental to workflow, to the point where we may have to hire another human (the factory already has).

  • Is there a way to have my reports print in full directly from SAP Crystal Reports?
  • If not, is there a keyboard shortcut that will allow me to replace the mouseclick on the little printer?
  • Is the issue that the Ctrl-P is being sent to Chrome, and not SAP? Is there another browser or program shell I can have my reports sent to that will handle this better
  • Is this an action I could somehow automate?
  • Is there a magical other solution?

Apologies if my question is a bit basic or just odd. I'm happy to answer any followups if I've completely left things out.

Thanks in advance for any time and expertise!


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    May 11, 2017 at 08:15 PM

    Hi Jesse,

    Did your company write the software or are you simply using it? Searching for Globetek it appears to be some package management system.

    So why not ask them? Our SDK's have the ability to print directly to the printer or if using BusinessObjects Enterprise to run the reports it has the ability to print directly also.

    So I suggest first ask them how to shorten you click adventures and if they can't do anything you may be able to, with the help of a .NET or Java developer, write a routine to print the reports directly also.

    First though I suggest to talk to Globetek to hep you.

    The CR Viewer should have a print button, that's the only one you can use.... Or replace it with a custom button that will use a predefined set of printer options, but you'll need a programmer for that.


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