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Feb 01, 2007 at 10:40 PM

CRM - BPS Integration: Decimal places for Keyfigures of type Quantity


Hi Friends,

Here is my issue:

I have a planning layout integrated with CRM Marketing Planner application. In this I am using some key figures of type Quantity and some of these are variable unit fields and some with fixed units. I have specified decimal places 3 in BPS Lay out and in Planning services settings also. But, it is not taking decimal places while entering the data in CRM. If I enter values with decimals, then it is rounding to next round figure. For eaxmple I have one Key figure Pounds per case and the value is 7.5 Lb, it is getting rounded to 8.

Even I have one more case for executing a planning function from CRM, in this if I execute the planning function from CRM then the derived value for Quantity is being rounded to next round value. If I run the same function module in BI, then it gives exact value with decimals.

Appreciate your inputs to over come this.