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May 11, 2017 at 09:15 AM

How do we get Commvault to do our Sybase ASE backups correctly (truncate_only on logs)



We're having some difficulties setting up Commvault for our Sybase ASE SAP systems. The difficulties are to do with the fact there's multiple databases to backup, and the transaction log backups that go with them - or in some cases, the 'truncate_only' option that's required.

I.e. here's some we need to backup:

dump database SDP using config = 'SDPDB'
dump database master using config = 'SDPDB'
dump database saptools using config = 'SDPDB'


trans logs:

dump transaction SDP using config = 'SDPLOG'
dump transaction master using config = 'SDPLOG' with truncate_only

Note that there's no trans logs for saptools, and that there's no backup of the trans logs for master as such - it's a "truncate_only". This is supposed to be ran immediately after the master backup. However, when you try and set up backups in Commvault, you have to tick/untick the transaction log 'do not truncate log' option (as per *) for the whole backup set.

So really we'd need to create a couple of backup sets, one for SDP and any others that need a trans log backup, and another for those that need truncating, such as master - right?

However, Commvault won't let us do that. It wants to add in all of the databases, not just one or a selection. The interface isn't 'friendly' or intuitive; we found we had to keep going back between screens, and at one point, we'd managed to add in a selection of the databases we wanted to do a truncate on (i.e., master, model, sybmgmtdb, sybsystemdb, sybsystemprocs) but when we saved it, came out and came back in, it had added the rest (SDP, saptools etc). That's pretty dangerous - we don't want to do a truncate on our SDP (main SAP DB) trans logs!

Also having two different set isn't ideal, the truncate is supposed to be done at the same time/immediately after. Is there any way to group this?

The only option we thought of was calling our backup script (which contains the correct sequences of backups, trans logs backups and truncates) directly from CommVault; not sure we can do this (?) and even if we could, it would just backup to disk/whatevers in our script config and not to CommVault.

Any thoughts/suggestions? I think one of the main problems here is that there's very few people using CommVault with SAP on Sysbase ASE...


P.S. *Going back to the document, does the following sentence make any sense to anyone?
It doesn't seem to be correct nor make any sense to me:

"Back Up Transaction Log of Damaged Database (Do Not Truncate Logs)
In Sybase server, some databases may not have log devices. By default, when you perform a log backup, the system performs log backups of those databases that possess transaction logs. Hence, it is necessary to perform a full backup after a log backup. A full backup will perform a backup of all databases irrespective of the fact that they may or may not possess transaction logs."

I'm not even sure this is how you do the "truncate_only" option, from that wording! Do Commvault actually understand how ASE works?