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May 11, 2017 at 08:37 AM

OAuth 2.0 + SAML 2.0 between SAP Gateway and Identity provider.


Hello experts,

We are trying to configure SSO between Identity provider and Service provider using SAML 2.0 + OAuth 2.0. Identity provider in our case is NetIQ Access Manager 4.1 and Service provider is the SAP NW Gateway ABAP 7.50 system. On the process of configuring this setup we have registered the application on NetIQ Access Manager and got the client ID, Secret Key, etc., Based on this info we have created the service provider and also created the OAuth client profile. During the OAuth client profile creation we have provided the Client ID and Secret key we got from NetIQ Access Manager. After this step we have some questions on how to go forward.

1) What will be the authorization server settings? like Authorization endpoint and Token endpoint.

2) What will be the Redirection URI server and Redirection URI?

What are the next steps which has to be performed in order to finish the configuration successfully so the SSO will work.

Also if possible please share any document or experience on how to do this whole setup, this will be more helpful for us to continue further.

Thanks in advance.