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Jan 31, 2007 at 12:51 PM

File UploadDownload from webdynpro to R/3.


Hi Vallery,

We have a scenario where we need to upload/download files of any type from webdynpro to Solution manager and viceversa. Our NWDS Version is 7.0.10. We are using file upload and file download UI Elements to achieve this. We have used the following test code to check uploading and dowloading an image file in an action.It works fine.

public void onActionuploadfile( wdEvent )


//@@begin onActionuploadfile(ServerEvent)



InputStream in=wdContext.currentContextElement().getFileup().read(true);

int i=0;

int size=in.available();

byte b[]=new byte[size];


//get file uploaded values for download

IWDResource resource = WDResourceFactory.createResource(b, "sample", WDWebResourceType.GIF_IMAGE);



catch(Exception e)






There is a problem in sending the read byte content to R/3 as a string.So we tried to give the path of the uploaded file to GUI UPLOAD RFC.We couldn't execute the RFC from Web dynpro.From ABAP side the RFC can be executed successfully.

Kindly help me to enter the right content into the database(Raw data type) or to execute the GUI UPLOAD RFC.

Kindly also let us know ,what content should be passed to the RFC which accepts Raw data type.

Thanks in advance,