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HANA connection is not getting listed when launching SAP BO Design studio via BI Platform

May 10, 2017 at 11:40 PM


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Hi All,

I am new to Design studio. I could not find a related post regarding my issue. So raising my question as a new thread.

I am able to launch design studio via BI platform. In CMC, I could find Design Studio Runtime application under application folder. Also the design studio applications are getting auto-saved under favorite folder in BI platform.

The issue is while adding new datasource, there are no connections listed in Design studio but there are connections available in CMC server for HANA. Only one Universe is getting displayed.

Need help to list hana connection details in design studio(when launching via BI Platform).


Thanks in Advance



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3 Answers

Vidhya V May 11, 2017 at 07:29 AM


Please check the user level security or authorization in CMC for HANA connection.



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Hi Vidhya,

Thanks for the reply. User security for HANA connection access is given to everyone as shown in the below screenshot.




André Gärtner May 12, 2017 at 11:06 AM

Dear Saranya,

we haven’t had success too but are one step farther. I think it is no authorization issue.

I tell you what we have tried. We still are on a productive BI 4.1 platform and installed BI 4.2 (SP03) for first testing. We have recognized differences in OLAP connections, provider ‘SAP HANA’:

BI 4.1: 2 fields: ‘server’ and ‘instance number’ (no port number asked)

BI 4.2: 1 field: ‘data source’ for [server1]:[port1]

Design Studio was able to see the HANA connection from BI 4.1 but it failed to connect to ‘jdbc:sap://[host]:30115’.

Design Studio was unable to see HANA connection from BI 4.2 with the port that was given to us. We then checked port 30115 from prior error. Now we had success in seeing the connection but got another error.

By googling ‘HANA 30115’ I found following link: ‘TCP/IP Ports of All SAP Products’

When I search the entire table by ‘HANA’ it shows ports to consider - many above 30000. Maybe this helps you to find the right port in case the port was the reason of not seeing the OLAP connection.

Please let us know if you succeed because we also intend to establish a working OLAP connection to HANA (S4HANA). But I guess we also have to do something on HANA side.



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Jawahar Konduru May 12, 2017 at 12:27 PM

from 4.2 onwards, SAP recommends to use http connection, no longer supports JDBC connection.

And also you need to make changes to file in server.

The MDAS property is set to true.

The configuration file can be found on Windows under <BI platform install directory>\java\pjs\services\MDAS\resources\com\businessobjects\multidimensional\services\ and on Unix under <BI platform install directory>/java/pjs/services/MDAS/resources/com/businessobjects/multidimensional/services/

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